Easy Peasy Crochet Beanies


I completed another project (actually a few more), so I’m gonna show off my second project.

This using-videos-to-learn-to-crochet thing is genius!

Check out this video on YouTube to get started on your very own crochet beanie:

Bobwilson123 has tons of great, easy-to-follow crochet videos that will help you make some cool projects while learning different techniques. So head over to YouTube to thank her & give some love.

Thank you, Clare, for your awesome videos!!! For more of Clare, check out her blog.

So for my second project (right after the lovely dishcloth we admired previously), I tackled this video with Clare to make a fun beanie for my toddler.

It went surprisingly well!

Clare is very clear & takes her time as she takes you step-by-step through the process. I simply paused the video if she started to move on to another row before I was ready.

In this video, I learned to double crochet, increase, & use a marker, among other things. And I got a cute hat out of it!

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

And, of course, the toddler was pleased beyond words.

The toddler was so pleased that Mommy made her a hat. It was my pleasure. :-)

I’ve since crocheted a flower & attached it to the hat. It’s very cute & easy to do. I’ll add a pic of it later, along with the link for the pattern.

Also, if you’re really loving the crochet thing, go check out Ravelry. It’s a hooker’s dream. hehehe

About Alyssa

I'm a home schooling mommy of two children. When I'm not cleaning, cooking, kissing owies, doing laundry, or rescuing pets from kiddie hands, I've been known to write, garden, play on my Kindle, peruse Pinterest, start (& sometime finish) DIY projects, edit pictures, play video games, and get crafty. Rumor is I'll be dragging my behind onto the treadmill. I love Thai food and historical romance novels. I'm wrapping up my PR degree & would love to get into editing eventually. Purple is the best color on earth, but it has a silly name.

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    • I’ll have to check that out. I’m currently struggling through baby booties with her, lol She’s really great!

      • I learned knitting first then crochet and now I want to cross stitch! I get bored quickly and I love learning something new.

      • cross stitch is fun! that’s what i’ve done for years. it’s actually quite easy. much easier than crochet, for sure! lol you’ll learn it easily.

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