Sometimes, a kind smile is all we need…& wet wipes.


Thank you, to the kind, older woman who took pity on the frantic, overwhelmed, not-entirely-sane mommy kneeling on the floor in a Target bathroom in front of her poop-covered preschooler while wearing her other baby yesterday afternoon.

You heard the panic in my voice, you knew how close I was to losing all my common sense, & then you realized how you could help me. You provided me with four wet wipes from your purse to clean the poop off of my potty-learning preschooler who had an accident during our shopping trip.

I don’t know how I appeared to you in that moment, but I know that, to me, you appeared to be an angel. My thank you was the most sincere, heart-felt, relieved group of words I’d spoken all day. You absolutely saved me in that moment, & you saved my poor daughter, too.

You heard the crushing tones I used while speaking to & around my little girl. You knew I was speaking from a place of fear & humiliation, not of love & understanding. And you helped me.

I wish I knew who you were, so I could thank you properly. But since I don’t, I will simply remember, forever, the simple kindness you showed me & the much-needed aid you provided. (I also will not forget to keep wet wipes in my purse again.)

Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for taking a moment to bring me back to my senses & providing me a moment to ground myself & regroup. And thanks for helping me to remember that my daughter deserves more than a frantic, frustrated mother who cannot control her own tongue in an overwhelming moment. I apologized profusely to her & listened to her tell me how upset it made her. I am shamed by my initial reaction, & I thank God that you were there.

What may seem like the simplest, easiest gesture to you was, in fact, an eye-opening moment for me that I won’t forget.

Thank you.

We all need help at some time or other. Have you ever had a complete stranger help you in a moment of weakness or need? Do you remember a time when you assisted someone unexpectedly? I’d love to hear about it! The kindness of strangers is a beautiful reminder of how much good there still is in humankind.

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  1. If it ever happens again, just remember this: wet paper towels work well too, and it’s ok to throw those little poopy panties straight into the garbage can and never look back. At least that’s what I did at the zoo one day when my daughter was learning. :)

    • I’m so glad you said this, because I wrapped those suckers up in tp & put them in the feminine hygiene disposal! I figured, hey, it’s all human waste, & it’s separately bagged. lol I will definitely remember the paper towel trick if it happens again. That was not a proud moment for me. Ugh.

      • After I gave birth to my son, I had a lot of complications and he was in the NICU. When I got released from the hospital without him I was so sad and empty feeling. My husband and I went to target for a few baby supplies (he was a month early) and I was in the breastpump aisle and started to lose it a little over choosing a pump. There was a mom standing there with her two little ones and she recommended a pump and said she wished she could give me hers. I thanked her as it was so sweet of her to notice I was struggling. I told her my situation and she told me the precious little boy in her arms was a NICU baby! Her kindness to a very fragile new mom will never be forgotten by me.

      • What a beautiful story. I’m so glad that mama was there for you exactly when you needed her. I don’t believe in coincidences. :-) Thank you for sharing this with me! It made my heart smile. A great start to my Sunday!

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