I’m just an imperfect person who loves my God, my family, and my life. I am so blessed and am filled with gratitude when I think of all the gifts I’ve been given. I’m trying to be a good steward.

I try not to pigeon-hole myself, so sometimes people are surprised when they discover some of my views. I also tend to find myself accidentally sticking my nose into controversial topics. Can’t help it. It’s genetic.

I’m committed to Attachment Parenting, although I seem to fail daily. I’m still learning. My goal is to be the protector of my children’s autonomy, not the master of their persons. And I try not to be judgemental of other parenting styles. I believe we’re all doing the best we know how for the children we love so much.

My life has been full of ups & downs (whose hasn’t?), & while some scars remain, every day is a step toward healing. My God is faithful, & he will complete the work he began in me. To be like him because it pleases him is my ultimate goal. To model his behavior for my daughters is a major motivation.

I’m not an expert on anything but my children.

Feel free to follow along for my thoughts, opinions, and experiences as I contemplate the big and small, learn how to be a mom, and strive to fulfill the roles I’ve acquired.

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