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Easy Peasy Crochet Beanies


I completed another project (actually a few more), so I’m gonna show off my second project.

This using-videos-to-learn-to-crochet thing is genius!

Check out this video on YouTube to get started on your very own crochet beanie:

Bobwilson123 has tons of great, easy-to-follow crochet videos that will help you make some cool projects while learning different techniques. So head over to YouTube to thank her & give some love.

Thank you, Clare, for your awesome videos!!! For more of Clare, check out her blog.

So for my second project (right after the lovely dishcloth we admired previously), I tackled this video with Clare to make a fun beanie for my toddler.

It went surprisingly well!

Clare is very clear & takes her time as she takes you step-by-step through the process. I simply paused the video if she started to move on to another row before I was ready.

In this video, I learned to double crochet, increase, & use a marker, among other things. And I got a cute hat out of it!

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

And, of course, the toddler was pleased beyond words.

The toddler was so pleased that Mommy made her a hat. It was my pleasure. :-)

I’ve since crocheted a flower & attached it to the hat. It’s very cute & easy to do. I’ll add a pic of it later, along with the link for the pattern.

Also, if you’re really loving the crochet thing, go check out Ravelry. It’s a hooker’s dream. hehehe

Potholders & Beanies & Baby Booties


I decided it’s time to learn to crochet, so last week I hopped on YouTube & found me some video tutorials.

I’ve done cross stitch since I was in 4th grade (I’m not saying how many decades that is, so don’t ask). It’s nice to think that plays into my ability to pick up on other hand crafts, but who knows?

Regardless, I found an awesome 2-part video tutorial:


Obviously, I had nothing to do with making this video, so please go by YouTube & watch it, like it, & comment on it there, because Donna (www.naztazia.com) did an absolutely fabulous job with this.

Thanks, Donna!

By working along with the video above, I was able to crochet a potholder in about 2 hours. Considering I’ve not crocheted since the one (& only) time my grandma tried (& failed) to teach me during a long RV ride cross country one summer (many, many moons ago), I was pretty impressed.

The Dishcloth...or Washcloth...or Something

Snicker if you must, but I'm pretty proud of this thing.

So there you have it. Proof.

I have learned to tie a slip knot, chain a row, single crochet 20 rows (I think), tie off, & weave the leftover threads into my work (I did that after I took this pic).

So if you’ve been tempted to try crochet or tried at one point & quit, the above video is a great intro to the craft.

I just did this Saturday night (yes, this is what I do on Saturday nights now), & Sunday, I started an adorable beanie for my toddler! I actually finished it early Monday morning, & the toddler loves it! I’ll blog about it later.

I’m currently trying my hand at some baby booties. That might take me a bit longer, but I’ll let you know when it’s done.

So, no more excuses. Go find that H hook & some pretty yarn, & sit down with a cup of tea & this tutorial.

Good times.